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  Hex Editing
This Page has been viewed 93,631 times
By Framerate

When I first heard about hex editing, I heard the word ‘hex’ and I though ‘Oh no this is going to be hard.’ Quite the contrary as a matter of fact. It is actually easier than installing video card drivers. Now it may seem confusing at first, but it will soon become an instinct.
First you will need to download the offset list from Iron_Forge’s website. You can download it or just save the offset list to your favorites. Either way is fine. You then need to download Hex Workshop, which is the hex editing tool that I will be using for this tutorial. Got it all. If the answer is yes then you are in good shape.

You aren’t ready to mod your map just yet. First you need to make a backup copy of you bloodgulch.map file found in your MAPS directory. In order to copy the file you need to get to it. You double click on My Computer and then go (CsmileMicrosoft Games>Halo>MAPS. In the maps folder you will find your bloodgulch.map file. Right click on that and scroll down to ‘Copy’. Then you paste the file into a directory of your choice. Just remember where you left the backup.

NOTE: Before you edit any map you ALWAYS make a backup. If there is some sort of problem and you can’t fix it then you will have to reinstall Halo or find a caring friend to send you their file.

Now you are ready to edit Blood Gulch. Open up Hex Workshop. Once you do that then open up your bloodgulch.map file from your MAPS directory. Then open up the Blood Gulch offset list from Iron Forge’s site. Today you will learn how to make the Warthog LAAG shoot Fuel Rod pulses. First you search for the LAAG projectile offset. In this case in is called lasma Cannon’ and the offset is ‘Bullet’ and right below it is ’vehicles/warthog/bullet’. The offset is ‘00856BF0’. Now we go back to Hex Workshop and we use a nifty tool that makes Hex Workshop stand out over all of the other hex editing programs. Got to Edit and scroll down to ‘GoTo’. In the box type in the offset and click ‘Ok’. Notice that you see different letters and numbers. That means that you are on the right path. If you don’t see this then you did something wrong along the way and you need to go back and redo the tutorial. This is what it should look like:

Now on to making the LAAG shoot Fuel Rod pulses.

Now that you know how to find the hex data for the object you want to edit you need to know how to exchange hex value. Go back to the Blood Gulch offset list and look for ‘Plasma Cannon’ under ‘Projectiles’. The hex value is right next to the offset. In this case the offset is ‘7C118440’. Go back to Hex Workshop. Your cursor should already be in the right spot, just start typing the value mentioned above. Don’t worry about the ’40’ part at the end. All of the hex values end with this. Now all you need to do is save your edited version of Blood Gulch over the one in your MAPS directory, boot up Halo, and test it out. If you have any questions then just post them in the Mod Forums. But please use the search button before you post. This will reduce in flaming, which is of most concern.

Average User Rating: 6.4
Number of Votes: 42

User Comments  
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Total comments: 38 | Last comment: 10-08-2013 at 01:53

 #1 - 11-27-2004 at 05:51
Joined: November 27th, 2004
Posts: 2
whats his site??????
please tell me

 #2 - 11-27-2004 at 05:52
Joined: November 27th, 2004
Posts: 2
i mean whats iron forge's site called

 #3 - id like 2 know 2 - 12-12-2004 at 03:35
From: (Gonzales, Lousiana)
Joined: December 12th, 2004
Posts: 3
id also like 2 knowbig grin

 #4 - 12-17-2004 at 17:08
Joined: December 17th, 2004
Posts: 1
i need his web stite name

 #5 - hex editing - 01-16-2005 at 07:31
Guest (70-58-131-220.bois.qwest.net)
Joined: December 31st, 1969
please tell me where to get the retail offsets i want to know so i can hexedit my stuff thanks

 #6 - Where do i get the retail offsets please e-mail this to me thanks - 01-16-2005 at 07:43
From: (idaho)
Joined: January 16th, 2005
Posts: 1
ok i have the hex edit thing now all i need are the retail offsets so if u would please send them to me so i can get hex editing started i already made backups for every map so please send me the offsets thank u

 #7 - i wanna no too - 01-22-2005 at 13:38
Joined: January 22nd, 2005
Posts: 1
yea can u e-mail the site to me i need to know!Beer! Beer!

 #8 - i want to know to - 02-09-2005 at 00:34
Guest (d3-128.rb.gh.centurytel.net)
Joined: December 31st, 1969
yea i would like to know where iron's website is '_' ' / ' ' / '

p.s. how do i get smileys? '_'

 #9 - I now the site - 02-10-2005 at 20:21
From: (Cayey Puerto Rico)
Joined: February 9th, 2005
Posts: 3
The site is files.halomods.com/viewtopic.php?p=17432

 #10 - oh and - 02-10-2005 at 20:28
From: (Cayey Puerto Rico)
Joined: February 9th, 2005
Posts: 3
download the second the retail-offsets.rar and ther is what you need to do this thing Rock

 #11 - help - 02-13-2005 at 07:33
Guest (ool-18bac18c.dyn.optonline.net)
Joined: December 31st, 1969
i keep getting exception! error help

 #12 - 02-13-2005 at 21:47
Guest (24-116-80-194.cpe.cableone.net)
Joined: December 31st, 1969
Where do you do download Hex Workshop?

 #13 - i now - 02-18-2005 at 21:31
From: (Cayey Puerto Rico)
Joined: February 9th, 2005
Posts: 3

 #14 - 03-03-2005 at 19:26
Guest (63-229-7-41.tukw.qwest.net)
Joined: December 31st, 1969
can som1 plz email me the offset list ive tried finding the site but the 404 is gone or sumtin... my email: dtfranz@msn.com thx!

 #15 - heres the working site - 03-04-2005 at 02:29
Guest (cache-los-aa05.proxy.aol.com)
Joined: December 31st, 1969

this site works download the list from here

 #16 - Links To Working Offset List And Hex Workshop - 07-15-2005 at 10:49
From: (Illinois)
Joined: July 11th, 2005
Posts: 4
Hex Workshop = http://www.bpsoft.com/downloads/

Link To Offset List =

Both of these have been tested by me(:mepimpsmile and work 100%.
It took me quite a while to find a working halo pc retail and trial offset list though so enjoy it.

 #17 - Confused - 09-24-2005 at 20:56
From: (Mississippi)
Joined: September 24th, 2005
Posts: 1
I am confused,how do i open the offset listsRock

 #18 - offset list - 11-21-2005 at 22:06
From: (Beverly Hills/California)
Joined: November 21st, 2005
Posts: 1
i still cant find the offset list! i used to have it but now i dont! anyone know it? the ones above dont work

 #19 - iron forges offset list downloads here - 11-26-2005 at 13:31
Joined: November 26th, 2005
Posts: 1

 #20 - exception erroR!??!?! - 01-08-2006 at 13:17
Joined: December 27th, 2005
Posts: 9
i keep getting execeptions errors too WHy?

 #21 - 05-10-2006 at 17:49
Joined: November 11th, 2005
Posts: 39
can some one tell me how to add a second trigger to a weapon?

 #22 - 07-05-2006 at 21:24
Joined: May 5th, 2006
Posts: 103
I FOUND A SITE TO DOWNLOAD THE OFFSET LISTS!!!! The ones there are for: PC, Demo and some Xbox ones. big grin Rock Two Thumbs Up!
It is at: http://files.halomods.com/viewtopic.php?p=17432

 #23 - 07-05-2006 at 21:26
Joined: May 5th, 2006
Posts: 103
BTW the offsets are in .rar format, you need Winrar to open them. Search it in Google.

 #24 - omG!! - 08-03-2006 at 22:14
Joined: August 2nd, 2006
Posts: 3
why do i keep getting exceptions Aaargh!!!

 #25 - 08-03-2006 at 22:49
Joined: August 2nd, 2006
Posts: 3
i think i know why there was an exception gathering data whatever, i think its because this tuturiol is for halo not halo trial

 #26 - a question - 08-05-2006 at 17:36
Joined: July 29th, 2006
Posts: 6
Could you use these hex editors on anything (like other games) or does this just work for Halo 1 on the pc???? if so I would like to make WWII soldiers fight grunts and elites ... it be sweet stick out tongue

 #27 - ..... - 10-20-2006 at 15:37
From: (fort worth ,texas)
Joined: June 27th, 2006
Posts: 40
hey guess what dl hmt v.3.5 or higher and start up, open a map, go to projectile submenu and choose projectile and at top choose swap. then swap with wat u want. now save and close. now put the map u modded bak into you pc maps folder. now test out your mod. easy as pie. easier than hex. u can also do other stuff. and its also FREEi like donutsHmmm Donut!

 #28 - Plz - 01-24-2007 at 16:53
From: (Minnisota)
Joined: January 8th, 2007
Posts: 1
i am confused on this will some one help me plz

 #29 - offsets - 02-24-2007 at 23:36
From: (Melbourne)
Joined: August 18th, 2006
Posts: 3
hey can u please tell me the website for the offset list?? i cant find it stick out tongue

 #30 - oh also - 02-24-2007 at 23:44
From: (Melbourne)
Joined: August 18th, 2006
Posts: 3
can u also get ones for trial?

 #31 - ghh - 02-26-2007 at 22:01
From: (Melbourne)
Joined: August 18th, 2006
Posts: 3
Am i able to put tank and turret and gost in trial map and make it so others can see and use it??

 #32 - offset list please post - 03-25-2007 at 09:48
Joined: March 25th, 2007
Posts: 1
pleas e post list of offsets instead of a link. thank you

 #33 - OFFSETS LIST!!! - 03-31-2007 at 12:17
From: (Auckland)
Joined: March 17th, 2007
Posts: 1



 #34 - Where is the website? - 04-19-2007 at 02:24
Joined: April 19th, 2007
Posts: 1
hey dude where is iron forges website email me at fudgeums_rule@yahoo.com

 #35 - question - 02-29-2008 at 20:25
From: (Pasir Ris)
Joined: February 29th, 2008
Posts: 8
is hes editing for ce only or for trial too?

 #36 - Best option - 06-03-2008 at 11:12
Joined: October 23rd, 2007
Posts: 3
(hey guess what dl hmt v.3.5 or higher and start up, open a map, go to projectile submenu and choose projectile and at top choose swap. then swap with wat u want. now save and close. now put the map u modded bak into you pc maps folder. now test out your mod. easy as pie. easier than hex. u can also do other stuff. and its also FREEi like donuts) This is by far the best option for newer modders to work with....Rock:Resistance is Futile!Two Thumbs Up!

 #37 - mods - 02-18-2010 at 14:42
From: (new york)
Joined: February 17th, 2010
Posts: 1
plz tell me how 2 put my mods on site. email: OrbitalOrb04@aol.com
Beer! Beer! eek! confused

 #38 - http://www.schodorftruck.com/js/index.html - 10-08-2013 at 01:53
Joined: January 4th, 2010
Posts: 1212
Somebody that Ronald Reagan and furthermore(Nj Gov.) John appear to havetie pain no devices, Partly when they seem that cozy inside of their pores and,.

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